moll Foldable Book Holder

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The moll Foldable Book Holder is a neat design in a small package! The book holder folds out so it can stand up on the desk freely, or it can be clipped onto the back of the desk. This allows for proper visibility with reading materials, worksheets, and whatever else you may be working on. Metal prongs extend to pin papers to the book holder, preventing papers from falling off the holder.

Note: If you are purchasing a moll Champion Desk, it already includes a Foldable Book Holder. 


  • It can stand freely or be clipped to the back of the desk.
  • Metal prongs provide stability to keep material in place.
  • Folds together for easy storage or transport.
  • Rigid, lightweight and very durable.


  • Dimensions: 9.44"H x 12.56"W x 5.31"D
  • Material: Dibond® aluminum composite covers, plastic spine and base