moll Rotating Storage Tower Add-On Unit

$450.00 $275.00

The moll Rotating Storage Tower Add-On Unit is the perfect addition to an existing storage tower. Due to its modular design, if you have further storage space requirements you can easily create more space. The add-on unit adheres directly to the top of the existing storage tower and provides four additional adjustable shelves as well as another cover panel — increasing the total height from 26.04”H to 49.11”H.

The moll Rotating Storage Tower rotates around itself with its silent turning system and its swivel function allows convenient access to every section of the shelf. The flexible division of the shelves creates the ideal space for the storage of books, toys, or folders. Opt-in for a set of extra shelves to provide even more space. Integrated handlebars simplify turning, and secure the shelf contents while being an elegant design feature. Optionally, our practical moll Baskets bring additional color and tidiness to the shelf.

The effective rotating function of the tower coupled with the division of shelves significantly reduces the required floor space compared to a common storage unit.

Please Note: This product requires the moll Rotating Storage Tower as a base unit in order to function properly.


  • Comes with four adjustable shelves and one cover panel
  • Silent turning swivel function
  • Two integrated handlebars
  • Adheres directly to the top of existing moll Rotating Storage Tower
  • Extra set of two shelves; one is equipped with a through hole for the handlebar (additional charge)


  • Dimensions: 22.05”W x 22.05”D x 23.07”H
  • Loading capacity: up to 110lbs total, up to 4.4lbs per shelf
  • Material: melamine resin-coated wood-based pane