moll Rotating Storage Tower Baskets - Set of 2


moll Rotating Storage Tower Baskets consist of two differently sized felt baskets which are dimensionally stable and versatile. Use each separately in their own individual space or couple them for a joint storage container. Developed for children and intended for robust use, felt is easily cared for and is extremely dirt and water repellent.

Baskets are available in grey, pink, green, or blue and all have a grey interior. Each basket comes with practical grip eyelets for accessibility.


  • Set includes two baskets
  • Interior grey felt lining
  • Practical grip eyelets for accessibility


  • For use with moll Rotating Storage Tower or any moll desk
  • Dimensions: 7”W x 5.2”H x 8.1”D and 8.1“W x 2.67“H x 11.26“D
  • Material: felt