How do I set the chair to the proper height?

Healthy sitting for a healthy back

When purchasing products for our children, finding the right fit is of the utmost importance. This consideration extends to their furniture, too. Finding a desk and chair that can accommodate a growing child and provide ergonomic support is critical to their education and well-being. Today, with children sitting between 8 and 10 hours each day, comfort and correct posture become a top priority. With a properly adjusted swivel chair, a child can enjoy healthy, dynamic sitting that improves task performance. Both the Maximo and the Scooter have 3-way adjustments to set the backrest height, seat height, and seat depth to fit each child perfectly.

How to adjust a child’s swivel chair correctly? Three steps to success

Work with your child to find the right settings for them. With three simple steps, each Maximo or Scooter chair can be adjusted to comfortably fit your child.

1.) Height adjustment

The chair height is chosen so that the front edge of the seat is at about the level to the bottom of the kneecap. The seat height is correct when the angle between the thigh and the torso is slightly open (greater than 90°) and the feet are in full contact with the floor.

2.) Seat depth adjustment

The seat depth is adjusted so that the thighs lie across a broad surface with no pressure from the front edge of the seat. The space between the chair’s front edge and the lower leg should be about the width of four fingers (roughly 3 inches). This keeps the legs well supplied with blood.

3.) Backrest adjustment

The final step is to adjust the backrest height. This placement is chosen so that the top of the backrest supports the body to right below the shoulder blades. This takes stress off the back and ensures adequate stability over its entire length when leaning backward.