How do I set the desk to the proper height?

Height adjustment for children’s desks

Children now sit at desks longer than they used to, sometimes even longer than office workers: in the mornings at school and in the afternoons to do homework, to read, to do crafts, and to play. No wonder that more and more children are complaining about health problems, back pain, and muscle tension. As a result, they have headaches and difficulty concentrating over a long period of time. This makes it all the more important to adjust the height of the desk at regular intervals to maintain proper posture as they grow. 

How can the moll children’s desk help here? It’s simple: setting the correct height of the desk is literally a piece of cake. But first things first. What is the perfect height of the children’s desk? Body size will be the guide. Use this table as a starting point to find the right height for your child:

How do you adjust the height of a children’s desk?

When adjusting the height of your child’s desk, make sure that your child's feet not only touch the ground but lie flat on it. The knees are bent at an angle of 90° and there is also an angle of 90° between the thigh and the upper body. The posture of the upper body is upright and the upper arms are in contact with the body. There is also a right angle between the upper and lower arm when the forearms lie flat on the desk surface. For a child’s height of 119 cm, the table height is approximately 53 cm, for a height of 135 cm the table height is 59 cm, and for a height of 151 cm, it is 66 cm. Of course, these are just a starting point to guide you, and heights may vary from case to case. moll desks use one of two systems for height adjustments: comfort or classic.

Comfort Height Adjustment

The comfort height adjustment found on our Champion desks works quickly, easily, and precisely. Very little effort is needed to raise or lower the desk due to the cable pulley "yo-yo" system. Simply pull on the yo-yo mechanism to adjust the height of the desk to the exact needs of the child. It can be attached to either side of the desk for easy access, or removed if you want to prevent your child from adjusting the desk on their own.

Classic Height Adjustment

The classic height adjustment, found on our Joker desks, is designed to be child-resistant. It uses a simple hook and lock system so that you can manually raise and lower the desk height with very little effort. The classic height adjustment features a ten-step design, ranging from 53 to 82 cm.