What is the importance of color in a child’s room?

Good mood & mental acumen


A moll desk occupies a central space in a child's room. While its function is to provide space for writing, art, and homework, its features add to the overall appearance. moll understands the importance of both, and that why we've designed highly-customizable desks with a wide array of color options. As your child ages, their tastes and preferences change but their desk doesn't have to. With the simple swapping of colors on the legs and pulleys, moll desks can easily transform with the child.

Color is known to impact mood, focus, and ability to learn. Cool colors are often associated with calm, soothing environments, where warm colors create exciting, friendly energy. Because moll uses color as accents to our white tabletops, any color choice can add a touch of personality to a room without being too overwhelming.

Additionally, moll Champion desks are available in several color choices for the side panels. This option allows for a truly unique look, especially when combined with colorful leg and pulley combinations.