What should a child’s desk be able to do?

A good desk for a child should offer a roomy work surface, plenty of storage, and be versatile enough to grow with the child while providing ergonomic comfort and support. moll children's desks are designed with function in mind and feature stylish, colorful details that transition with your child's growth. These desks are height-adjustable with tilting work surfaces, so every child can find the perfect set up to read, write, play, or craft.

Ergonomics plays an integral role in child development

This key function is often underestimated in the world of children's furniture. But what does ergonomics mean and how does it impact children? Ergonomics is made up of the two Greek words for work and rule, and outlines the best rules for working as long and effectively as possible without endangering health. In practice, ergonomics has developed into a science of how to create optimal conditions for work that prevent and alleviate health issues. While ergonomics plays a critical role in professional work environments, it also affects children. Children spend more time at a table and on a chair than they're used to — more time than is healthy for a young, growing body. A child’s desk must take this development into account and create working conditions that prevent any physical discomfort. This is where adjustable, extendable moll desks offer a solution. They can grow in height, width, length, format, and inclination so that they can be adapted precisely to the physical needs of the child and the respective activities.

Why children’s desks need to grow

Children never stop growing, and neither should their desk! While these changes are inevitable, you can rest assured that a moll desk is ready to change with your child, from preschool to high school. Having a desk that can be adjusted to the right height is so important for the healthy development of children. It can prevent headaches, backaches, and tension. The proper set up lends itself to greater focus, increased learning, and overall well-being. At a young age, coloring books take top priority on a desk, but later, smartphones, computers, and textbooks will be added. This means that a child’s desk should be able to expand to fit the needs of the child. Through the modular design of moll desks, this can be achieved by adding extensions.

The height-adjustable child’s desk

A good child’s desk can be adapted exactly to the height of your child’s body; a desk from moll can do this from preschool age to adulthood. With the moll children’s desks, it is the patented base frames that ensure that the desk height can always be adjusted exactly to the current size of your child.

Why children’s desks can also be slanted

For many activities, a straight desktop is essential. For example, for writing. In many situations, however, an inclined surface is much more relaxed and thus more ergonomic. For example, when reading. As a rule, you usually hold a book slightly inclined to the body. This way, you avoid bending your head, which in the long run leads to discomfort. There is a certain angle for each activity at the child’s desk that ensures ergonomic working conditions. It is not possible to define this exactly, but it is necessary to determine it according to the individual circumstances. For this reason, you and your child need a desk that offers you such flexible options of inclination and makes it easy to use. The best solution is actually to let the child find the best angle of inclination that makes it easy for him or her to work at the table. You can rely on the gut feeling, because the body knows what is best for it. However, for this, a simple tilt mechanism is required, which can also be operated by the child, as offered by moll children’s desks.

Growing in all directions

Height and inclination are only two directions in which the child’s desk can be altered. In addition to these, the functionality of the child’s desk must also be able to be changed in its width, length and in appearance, such as color and style. Only then can you come close to an ideal and ergonomic desk for children.