What should a child’s swivel chair be able to do?

Parents are often confused when trying to find the appropriate chair for their child. A lot of terms get tossed around: correct sitting, dynamic sitting, back pain when sitting, healthy sitting, ergonomic sitting – and all are important, but what do they mean when choosing a chair for your child?

Children’s desk chairs by moll

In addition to the award-winning ergonomic desks, moll also offers two swivel chairs for children. These chairs are designed with development, ergonomics, and learning in mind. Experts agree that these days, children are sitting for way too long. They sit most of the day at school only to return home to sit some more while doing homework, reading, playing, or crafting. Because of these many hours in a seated position, a chair that is ergonomic and inspires dynamic sitting is integral to a healthy back and better learning outcomes. Movement is essential to a child's development, and moll understands this. Not only does the chair move with your child, but it grows with them, too!

No need to sit still

One more word on dynamic sitting: you probably know this from your youth — sitting still was always required by parents and teachers. But scientists and researchers have found out that wriggling improves learning and comprehesion. The wobbling also supports dynamic sitting, which involves changing the posture as often as possible when working at a desk. Movement while sitting promotes the mental, physical, and psychological development of the child significantly better than sitting still.

Designed with safety in mind

While ergonomics is one of the most highlighted features regarding moll furniture, safety is built into each piece, too. Poorly designed chairs can easily tip over, but with moll, you can rest assured that the chair is stable. What should you look for to check the stability? A chair that, when standing above, looking down, you can see all of the wheels. Essentially, the base is larger than the seat, making it unlikely to accidentally tip over.

How to correctly adjust a child's swivel chair

The moll swivel chairs adjust in three ways: backrest height, seat height, and seat depth. To find the right settings for your child, start by adjusting the seat height. When sitting in the chair, their feet should be flat on the floor, and their legs bent at a 90-degree angle. Next, you'll want to check the seat depth. There should be roughly 3 inches between the edge of the seat and your child's lower legs. This distance ensures blood flow to your child's legs is properly maintained. Finally, you'll need to adjust the backrest in a way that supports the entire torso. The top of the backrest should hit just below the shoulder blades.