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Looking for a clever way to optimize your space? Look no further than the moll Deluxe Carousel! This marvelous storage solution can store binders, files, books, and more, all while taking up 50% less floor space than standard shelving. By utilizing open rotating shelves, you'll have quick and easy access to all of your contents. With the steel center frame and the ability to rotate each shelf separately at 360 degrees, multiple users can access the carousel at the same time. Plus, with the option to stack up to six levels, you can customize the carousel to fit your individual needs. And if that wasn't enough, adding a finishing top (not included) will create an additional workspace!

Please Note: This carousel does not include a finishing top, casters, or other accessories. All are available to be purchased separately.


  • The circular design saves 50% of the linear floor space typically required to store the same contents
  • Each carousel shelf rotates separately, 360 degrees
  • Fits A4 and US-size folders and binders
    • Each shelf tier fits approximately 28 standard 3” W binders
  • Slim profile fits through most doorways
  • Unit has an exposed top shelf, add a finishing top to increase your workspace
  • Accessorize with a CD unit, organizer set, tier shelf, or finishing top
  • Add an extension kit anytime, to a maximum of six tiers
  • Optional Rolling Casters can be added to a 2-tier or 3-tier moll Deluxe Carousel
  • Color: White with silver trim


  • Dimensions: 
    • 2-Tier: 35" H x 32" D (87 x 80 cm)
    • 3-Tier: 49” H x 32” D (124 x 80 cm)
    • 4-Tier: 63” H x 32” D (159 x 80 cm)
    • 5-Tier: 77” H x 32” D (195 x 80 cm)
    • 6-Tier: 91” H x 32” D (231 x 80 cm)
  • Space between tiers is 12.75” H (32.4 cm)
  • Loading capacity: up to 165lbs per shelf
  • 5-armed star-shaped base for long-term stability
  • Material: melamine resin-coated wood-based panel
  • Assembly Required: comprehensive assembly instructions included featuring illustrated, step-by-step explanations