moll Flex Deck Extension for Champion Desk

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Designed specifically for the moll Champion Desk, this storage rack attaches to the back of the desk, changing the look and storage capacity of your desk. The top-level features a book rack for storage with a railing system to prevent books from falling off the corners. There is also a second shelf for additional storage. The large magnetic whiteboard is mobile across the back of the extension and includes magnets for note storage.


  • The built-in railing system prevents items from falling.
  • The mobile magnetic whiteboard is two-sided for additional note storage.
  • Two magnets included that will work on both sides of the whiteboard.


  • Dimensions: 27.56"H x 47.24"W x 11.81"D
  • The top shelf can support up to 26.46 lbs. of weight.
  • Assembly required, all tools included.
  • Two-person assembly advised.