Why should you be able to extend children’s desks?

Children’s desks from moll grow in all directions

As needs change from childhood to adolescence, a good child’s desk must grow in multiple directions, too. When a child's interests expand, so must their workspace. For example, when books get added, a computer is purchased, or a notebook becomes a permanent fixture on the child’s desk, a little extra room goes a long way. As tasks shift from arts and crafts to writing and reading, creating designated spaces for each becomes more and more important. moll has found a solution to this problem and has developed children’s desks that grow with the changing needs of your child, with the simple addition of extensions.

Extend the Width

In addition to growing in height with your child, a moll desk can also be extended in width to create a broad work surface. The extra space can make a huge difference as your child grows. Books, folders, notebooks, and computers will all have the room they need with a Side Top extension. This piece can easily be added to the left or right side of the desk to best suit the needs of the child. 

Extend the Height

The moll Flex Deck is the perfect addition when your child needs more storage for their desk. This multifunctional shelf is fastened directly to the desk with two brackets to extend the desk space with vertical shelving. Standard equipment includes a magnetic whiteboard that can slide side to side, two magnets, and two shelves. The aluminum bookends make sure nothing can fall from the sides.