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With its user-friendly operation and versatility, the moll T7 Desk adapts with the user to accommodate every situation. Made for adults, the timeless design and expert engineering combine to create the perfect sit-stand solution. Whether as a home office desk, a crafts table, a hobby corner in the living room, or as a stylish all-purpose work surface, the moll T7 Desk offers a healthy, ergonomic, and comfortable option for every circumstance in life and work.

The moll T7 can easily be turned into a standing desk with its motorized height adjustment from 22” to 46.5”. This range in height makes it a flexible companion in everything you do — whether as a standing-level table, a desk at the standard seating height, or as a low coffee table. Effortlessly adjust the desk height — with one or two-handed operation. The motor can also be locked by key, disabling the buttons that raise and lower the desk. You can also save preset upper and lower heights, making the transition between sitting and standing smooth. These settings can also help prevent the desk from coming into contact with a file cabinet or shelf in the room. Castors, built-in to the runners, allow for easy movement and repositioning. Additionally, the moll T7 can compensate for unevenness in the floor with variable height adjustments, making the moll T7 the perfect solution for any space.

Every T7 Desk comes with a spacious front and back drawer and excellent built-in power cable management. The front drawer opens with a gentle push and comes with foam inlays to prevent items from moving around unnecessarily in each of the six compartments. The rear desk drawer houses five outlets to plug in your electronics. With five openings on the face of the back drawer, you can easily pull the cords through. With plenty of space, you can even store a power adaptor in the back drawer. 

We've combined high-quality materials, flexibility, and function to create a truly intuitive and exceptionally chic desk just for you.


  • Motorized height adjustment with the touch of a button
  • Locking feature to keep height in place
  • Seamless front desk drawer with six foam-lined compartments
  • The roomy compartment on the back of the desk neatly stores power cords and cables
  • Five outlets available in the back drawer of the desk
  • Desk leg base features disappearing rolling casters to easily move the desk
  • Desktop material: melamine resin-coated white MDF board
  • Desktop trim panel: real wood veneer in oak or walnut
  • Designed with rounded corners for added safety


  • Desk height adjusts from 22” to 46.5”
  • Dimensions: 59.05” W x 29.53” D
  • Desk Weight: 148.15 lbs.
  • Desk Weight Limit: 110.2 lbs.
  • Lifting speed: 38mm/s
  • Fits adults and children from 4’ 1” to 6’ 6.75” tall
  • The front drawer can support up to 13.2 lbs.
  • Delivered completely assembled

This is a special order item from moll in Germany with extended shipping. If you have questions before placing an order, please reach out to customer service via email or call us at 800-456-3453.